Arredamento Showroom – A furniture showroom of K-Render Studio

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One of K-Render Studio’s biggest projects is the Arredamento Showroom. The design team has set high standards for the 3D rendering of this high-end interior store. This post will tell you how our 3D Rendering studio completed this job effectively and met our client’s expectations.

The design ideas of Arredamento Showroom

The Arredamento Showroom is 1300 square meters in size. To properly create a rendering product for a project with a wide area, rendering artists must have a deep grasp of design.


Arremento Showroom’s 3D rendering in living room.

  • Arredamento Showroom’s interior design concepts

Arredamento Showroom’s proprietor is a pioneer in the luxury furniture importation industry. His luxury showroom, Arredamento, is filled with high-end furniture.


Working space in Arredamento Showroom

From these ideas, the architectural design firm has developed the concept of a big room with many zones showcasing interior items. To make a unified whole, these sections must be connected together.

  • Arredamento Showroom is divided into functional sections.

There are five zones in the Arredamento Showroom. Each zone is meant to provide clients with a variety of experiences related to space and interior items.


In the Arredamento Showroom, a 3D rendering of Zone B is shown.

  • Luxury furniture showroom Arredamento

Because this is a luxury furniture store, all of the furniture on display is from the world’s most prestigious furniture companies. These furniture are chosen by the dealership owner in order to provide customers the greatest possible product consumption experience.

Arredamento Store is a 3D-rendered luxury furniture showroom.

Thanks to the skill of K-Render rendering artists, Arredamento Showroom’s high-end furniture has become the most beautiful point of the showroom area.
How did our 3D artists make these architectural 3D renderings so amazing? Please see the information below for further information.

Modeling – the first stage of 3D rendering

The initial stage in the process of 3D rendering is modeling. This is also a crucial phase, especially when creating 3D renderings for luxury furniture like in Arredamento Showroom.


Each product is modelled as closely as possible to its real-world counterpart.

The rendering artists of K-Render must model all furniture as realistically as possible.
The depiction of luxury furniture goods is difficult. To produce a flawless whole, the ratios of these items have all been thoroughly analyzed and calculated.

K-Render Studio’s rendering artists must not only grasp the ideas of interior design but also understand clearly about the luxury furniture used in that area in order to render properly. As a result, interior product modeling has been rendered really effectively.

Light of Arredamento Showroom.

K-Render Studio’s rendering artists used lamplight to accentuate the beauty and precision of Arredamento Showroom’s high-end furnishings.


The elegance of the furnishings is enhanced by the lamplight.

The interior products are highlighted by the light. When viewing the 3D rendering, the uneven illumination in the area draws the viewer’s attention to the table, sofa, bed or cabinet.
Furthermore, when gazing through the windows, the light of the buildings adds to making the Arredamento showroom more attractive and striking.


Material of each rendering is a crucial component in demonstrating the high-quality of interior items.


Each piece of material is created with zeal.

The rendering artists of K-Render examined the characteristics of each material before beginning to apply them. Therefore, the materials we made in the Arredamento Showroom are as accurate as possible.

Feedback on Arredamento Showroom’s 3D renderings

Both the design firm and the showroom owner were quite pleased with the 3D rendering of Arredamento, a luxury furniture shop. They said that if they don’t know “What is a 3D rendering” before, they will think it is a realistic images.

Feedback from the design firm

  • The design is clearly illustrated by 3D rendering items, which adds to its significance..
  • The time required to complete the task is minimal.
  • In order to give the most perfect product to customer, K-Render Studio is constantly consulted the design company’s ideas when producing it.

A 3D rendering bedroom in Project Arredamento Showroom

Owner of showroom’s feedback

  • The showroom’s elegance is depicted in 3D drawings.
  • The use of high-end interior items is emphasised.
  • All details of this project are bright and lifelike.

Both client and showroom owner love the 3D rendering products of Arredamento Showroom

Customers consistently give good reviews on 3D rendering products. Customers that have always trusted and supported K-Render Studio are greatly appreciated. Please contact us right away if you’d like to be the next customer to benefit from K-Render Studio’s 3D rendering services.

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