Basmati rice in bulk – one of the most consumed types of rice

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Consumers are more and more fond of basmati rice, which leads to significant growth in importing basmati rice in bulk. Countries exporting basmati rice in bulk are gaining a big profit and affirming their position in the market.

An overview of basmati rice in bulk

Basmati rice in bulk is mainly exported to West Asia and some countries around India. However, it is more popular thanks to its benefits.

Definition of basmati rice in bulk

According to USDA, basmati rice is a type of long-grain rice grown primarily in India and Pakistan. Basmati rice consists of two types: white rice and brown rice. Due to its low carbohydrate content, basmati rice is not pliable and not sticky like other types of rice. Basmati rice in bulk is an Indian rice variety with a characteristic aroma, ranked among the most fragrant rice in the world. Its name also comes from this special thing, which is a combination of 2 Hindi words: The word “bas” means fragrant and “mati” means queen – queen of fragrant rice.

Main features of basmati rice in bulk

The characteristic of traditional Basmati rice in bulk is its longer grain size compared to conventional rice. The nutritional value of rice grains includes gluten-free (low) starch, rich in soluble fiber, high in essential minerals, especially with a fairly low GI index, etc. After being cooked, the rice grains expand, soft, spongy, longer but not bigger. Basmati rice does wonder for diabetics, moreover, basmati rice in bulk supports cardiovascular health and digestive system, etc.

Main locations grow basmati rice in bulk

Basmati rice in bulk is only cultivated in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, in which the largest growing area of basmati rice in bulk is India. According to United Nations data, India is the world’s largest rice exporter, reaching $6.8 billion in annual income, of which Pakistan is in fourth place with $2.2 billion. There are only two countries in the world that export basmati rice in bulk.


Main locations grow basmati rice in bulk

Factors affecting the development of basmati rice in bulk

Basmati rice in bulk is mainly grown in India but is also subject to some elements to supply for a big number of customers.

Rice demand

Not only India likes this long grain rice, but countries around the world also love Basmati. According to the statistics of 2014, the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority announced: India has exported 65% of the total Basmati rice production of the world and is followed by Pakistan. Demand for basmati rice in bulk increases when basmati is cooked into many famous delicious rice dishes of India and many delicacies of the Middle East and Central Asia, Persia, and Arabia.

Rice production

India is the main country cultivating basmati rice in bulk, rice production is predicted to be higher as basmati rice in bulk production is forecast to be 4.5 million tons higher than last year’s production, due to a 15-20% increase in planted area.


Basmati rice in bulk is transported to other countries by ships. However, due to the pandemic, logistics charges and delivery cost are sharply pushed up, Then FOB and CIF cost dramatically increase (about 3-5 times compared to last year).

Typical ways to find suppliers of basmati rice in bulk

Nowadays, customers have several ways to find suppliers but meeting directly is not a sensible method in this epidemic.

Partaking in trade fairs

This is regarded as the biggest chance for new and reputable basmati rice suppliers to meet and introduce their products to customers. Importers can join trade fairs, check the products and choose the best for themselves.

Through the internet

With the booming of the internet, sales on internet are boosted and the majority of suppliers are available on many e-commerce platforms. It is easy for customers to browse through and buy basmati rice in bulk at an affordable price.

Connecting with brokers

This is an easy way for customers who do not have much experience in importing basmati rice in bulk. Brokers will help you to find suitable and reliable suppliers.


Typical ways to find suppliers of basmati rice in bulk

List of top suppliers of basmati rice in bulk

Here are trustworthy suppliers that importers could follow to buy basmati rice in bulk

Shree Krishna Rice mills – one of the leading basmati rice in bulk suppliers

Established in 1998 in India, Shree Krishna Rice mills is engaged in milling, processing and supplying of finest qualities of Indian rice, especially basmati rice in bulk. Their 25,000 MT of storage facilities allows them to stock products in high quantities helping guarantee timely delivery of consignments.

ASM Global Inc – a supplier of basmati rice in bulk

ASM Global Inc strives to retain the identity of Indian Rice. This company is a Supplier and Exporter of premium quality Indian Rice in a number of countries such as Africa, Germany, etc. Basmati rice in bulk is specialized by ASM Global Inc.

Delicia Food India Company – a supplier of basmati rice in bulk

Incorporated in the year of 2004, Delicia Food India Company caters to different market sectors such as food services, direct and indirect exports. Delicia Foods India Pvt Ltd is ISO 22000:2005 certified company, so customers could trust in their quality of basmati rice in bulk.

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