Famous specialty coffee brands you definitely should try

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One of the reasons why specialty coffee becomes more and more popular is the product diversity with a variety of flavors from various specialty coffee brands. Below is the list of  7 specialty coffee brands that are highly recommended to try.

General information about specialty coffee brands

For specialty coffee, coffee must reach 80 points or more according to the standards of the Specialty Coffee Association. The homeland of specialty coffee is mainly located in places such as Brazil, Colombia, Mexico,…


General information about specialty coffee brands

Famous specialty coffee brands in the world

Each coffee brand owns a different specialty coffee production process that creates a rich flavor for its products.

Arabica Cau Dat specialty coffee brand

First of all, it is impossible to mention specialty coffee in Cau Dat. The soil in the bridge is basalt red, that’s why the cultivation of Arabica. The aroma of Arabica is considered the most seductive fragrance.

New England specialty coffee brand

This coffee has been around since 1916 with great service as well as a high-quality range of coffee products. With processes and standards that have evolved for nearly 100 years. Coffee beans have many different flavors such as pecans, blueberry.

Arabica Lam Dong Honey specialty coffee brand

Arabica Lam Dong is a specialty coffee produced from the land of Lam Dong. The place is typical with a rich geographical climate and volcanic soil. These things have created great specialty coffee products.

The Original Whole Bean – Bulletproof specialty coffee brand

This is an organically grown coffee bean. In a word, at 100% ripeness, they have been expertly selected from which poor beans are discarded. The main flavors of this variety are plum, cinnamon, orange…

Kicking Horse Coffee – Lavazza specialty coffee brand

The taste of this coffee is very complex, it is a combination of cane sugar, milk chocolate, sour red grapes. This is a professional processing process and a special roasting method.

Premium Medium Roast Ground Coffee – Guru specialty coffee brand

This type of coffee comes from Colombia, where the world’s first coffee was grown. The coffee beans are carefully selected as well as roasted in small batches, separating the nitrogen beans. Thereby creating an energetic coffee stream after just one sip.

Standards of specialty coffee brands

The Specialty Coffee Association has created a fully qualified reference process. The classification protocol and the test protocol were mentioned in the SCA protocol.

Green Coffee Grading protocol

There are two types of error particles, primary and secondary errors. Calculating defects from which to produce quality coffees according to the most standard process.


Green Coffee Grading protocol

Cupping protocol

This process will classify coffee samples according to certain criteria such as aroma, flavor, acidity, or balance, uniformity, etc. The final score will be individual scores. and the final point is 80/100.


Cupping protocol

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