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Every 3D rendering studio has a story behind their success. Same with K-Render Studio, the stories of the founders, the story behind each excellent rendering project will be told in this post. Along with that, you will learn about the interesting photorealistic architectural rendering services that K-Render brings to their clients. Let’s get started

Greeting the founders of K-Render – The Best 3D Rendering Studio

The 2 founders who have greatly contributed to the success of K-Render – the best 3D rendering studio are CEO Mr Ryan and Chief Architect Mr Daniel.
CEO Ryan is also a smart, agile and sophisticated architect. He is the one who realizes the need of a 3D rendering studio in Vietnam and partners abroad. He realized that most of the architecture firms in the world still don’t have a 3D rendering studio that can understand their architectural concepts. So K-Render Studio was born with the mission to be their partner.
As for the main architect Mr. Daniel is a talented and experienced architect, he is a companion and professional advisor for our 3D rendering studio. Thanks to their presence, we were able to walk on a 10-year path in the field of photo realistic architectural rendering.

What does our 3D rendering studio do?

We specialize in photorealistic architectural rendering with high quality and reasonable price. Here are some of the best services which almost architectural design firms want to outsourcing 3D rendering

  • Interior rendering services: our 3D rendering studio can visualize the interiors of private and commercial buildings. K-Render Studio knows a lot of styles so you can rest assured that our 3D rendering studio will understand the design ideas best.

Interior rendering of our 3D rendering studio

  • Exterior rendering services: With 8 years of experience in the photorealistic architectural rendering industry, our 3D rendering studio is confident to accurately visualize the structure of the building, the lighting of each geographical area in the world, and clearly understand what is the best camera angle for the photorealistic architectural rendering.
  • Aerial rendering services: For large projects, a bird eye view is indispensable to see the whole building. And our 3D rendering studio can meet all the needs of our customers.

The special offers of our 3D rendering studio

Currently, our 3D rendering studio gives a special offer for new partners, service packages are deeply discounted: from only $9.9 per sqm + free consultant.
* * * Special: For customers with projects over 300 sqm, our 3D rendering studio specially offers unlimited number of views

* * * To have the best offer, please contact us:
Hotline/ Whatsapp: Mr Ryan – CEO of K-Render Studio: (+84)855555961

One of the best projects of our 3D rendering studio – KDI Project

The project you will see is a 3D rendering project for an office called KDI by K-Render in 2020. Different from the usual boring office buildings, KDI performed by our 3D rendering studio is much more modern with the main colors being white, black, and brown. KDI building’s design materials are also used with deep tones and luxurious furniture such as stone and wood.
To successfully illustrate the KDI project, our 3D rendering studio’s artist team went through a process as follows:

  • The first step is to build modeling. This step our 3D rendering studio will accurately build the shape of the space and furniture in the office. This is an important step in determining whether this is a photorealistic architectural rendering

The living space of KDI with white, brown tone color

  • The second step is to add materials to the KDI Office. In order to make the material exactly as it is and what the customer wants, our 3D rendering studio must search for similar material samples and edit the parameters so that they can meet the high requirements of the customer.
  • The third step is to add light to the space. In the office, natural lighting is always important, so our 3D rendering artists have to edit the specification of the lighting really carefully and meticulously with the software.

Adding lighting is an important stage of 3D rendering

As you can see in our 3D rendering, you will notice how much attention we put into rendering the light.

  • The last step is to choose the angle of the image. In the KDI project, our 3D rendering studio chooses the horizontal angle for photorealistic architectural rendering so that customers have the most general view of their space.

To explore more about what photorealistic architectural renderings we do, visit our website: K-Render – The Best 3D Rendering Studio

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