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Vietnamese Arabica coffee is one of the most popular and valuable coffees in the world, especially in Europe and North America. On this page, K-Agriculture has compiled general information about Vietnamese Arabica coffee.

Vietnamese Arabica coffee Uniqueness

Vietnamese Arabica coffee beans are known as unique coffees because of the stricter process than other beans. After fermentation, they have a slightly sour taste. After swallowing, they have a bitter taste. In particular, because this coffee line contains a lot of aromas, it often has a very attractive scent after being brewed.

Agricultural requirements

In Vietnam, natural weather conditions are favorable for the development of agricultural products and produce coffee beans with an attractive aroma that only “Vietnamese Arabica coffee beans” have. Vietnam’s biggest benefit when growing coffee is that it has a humid tropical monsoon climate suitable for all types of coffee trees. In addition, coffee trees need to be grown at an altitude of 900-2000m above sea level, with a temperature of 15-24 degrees, and an annual rainfall of about 1200-2200. Vietnamese Arabica coffee land makes up only 6% of the country’s total coffee growing area. The Arabica coffee-growing areas in Vietnam are centered in Son La, Dien Bien, Lam Dong, and Quang Tri.


Agricultural requirements

The processing procedure

Vietnamese Arabica coffee is processed by different methods such as processing dry coffee, washing, or honey depending on the taste and commercial value of each region. For example, in Lam Dong with a preference for sweet, people will use honey processing to increase the sweetness of coffee beans; In addition, in Son La, Vietnamese arabica coffee beans are processed by washing method to keep the flavor inside the coffee beans, ensuring the coffee beans with eye-catching colors and high commercial properties.


The processing procedure

Vietnamese Arabica coffee roasting 

There are two methods of roasting Arabica coffee beans including butter roasted coffee and rustic roasted coffee. Depending on the taste and preferences of each person, rustic roasted coffee retains the original flavor of the coffee beans and is better for health for people with heart disease and blood fats. On the other hand, butter roasted coffee creates smooth, eye-catching coffee beans that are suitable for young people’s taste because of the rich aroma of butter. Moreover, the greasy aroma of coffee will also be kept well during the storage process of the beans.


Vietnamese Arabica coffee roasting 

Vietnamese Arabica coffee beans standards

Standard Arabica beans have an elliptical, wavy shape. Moisture content must be 11,5% – 12,5%, which is normally around 12,5 percent. The coffee beans’ sieve ranges from 16 to 18.


Although Vietnamese Arabica coffee has a sour flavor, it is not completely sour. Coffee leaves a moderately bitter aftertaste when consumed.


The aroma of Vietnamese Arabica coffee is sweet and gentle. Arabica coffee has a variety of fragrances that vary based on the climate and cultivation circumstances. It can also have appealing fragrances such as floral, fruity, chocolate, honey, or toasted bread.

Types of Vietnamese Arabica coffee

Moka and Catimor are two popular Vietnamese Arabica coffee.


Compared to other Arabica varieties, Moka coffee is a difficult plant to grow, prone to pests and diseases, and takes a lot of care. However, the aroma and sweetness later are the result of perseverance and meticulous processing. That is what makes the taste of Moka coffee unique in the world. The best 100% original Moka coffee cups will bring with them a slightly bitter taste, mixed in with a bit of sourness and the fatty taste of the oil inside the coffee beans. When drinking, the bitterness spreads in the mouth and down the throat, but only a few seconds after the passionate aroma and sweetness appear.




Contrary to Moka beans, Catimor is resistant to pests and diseases and gives a high yield, Catimor has a strong aroma and a little sour flavor, and it costs twice as much to export as Robusta. This Vietnamese Arabica coffee type is now widely farmed in important coffee regions such as Lam Dong, Dak Lak, Dak Nong, Quang Tri, Nghe An, and Son La due to its economic benefits.




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