Piccola Casa Project- the best visualization project of K-Render

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Many families, including Piccola Casa, yearn for a cozy modest dwelling. With this in mind, K-Depict Studio has taken every effort to render the house according to the owner’s wishes. These 3D drawings were utilized by the design firm to demonstrate to the client that their design complied with all of the homeowner’s requirements.

The design ideas of Piccola Casa Project

K-Render Studio listens and understands the significance of the project, the design message, and the owner’s objectives through architectural designs and house plans before beginning any project. This Piccola Casa project is no exception.

The layout of the house

Piccola Casa has created a design for a young newlywed couple. They must make the most of their limited living area and work space.
The house is organized into three main areas: a general living area, a work area, and a bedroom. The architectural team replaced the walls with glass to make the space feel more open.

Lighting in Piccola Casa Project

The owner of this home desires a constant flow of light, particularly natural light during the day. As a result, the design firm incorporates a lot of glass into the home so that light may easily enter the interior space. The client of K-Render wanted to show the effect of employing glass by simulating natural light.

Furniture of Piccola Casa Project

The owner of the house does not want his furnishings to be bulky and detailed because his tenants are two young individuals who live a simple lifestyle. The furniture must, however, be entirely functional as in Sunshine Apartment project.
As a result, the design firm chose furniture with simple shapes and colors. Tables and chairs, as well as televisions, refrigerators, and kitchen appliances, come in three basic colors: black, white, and brown.

How K-render do this architectural rendering project of Piccola Casa house

K-Render Studio created an interior design rendering from the following parts to translate the customer’s ideas into 3D renderings.

Finding some references for Piccola Casa house

K-render artists used references for mood, materials, building construction, landscape, light, and even flora to create a vision. Some of the photographs he chose are seen above. Ilya gathered references for the mood, materials, building structure, scenery, light, and even the vegetation in order to construct a vision. Some of the photographs he chose are seen above.

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The camera angle

An architect would like a CGI project like this to highlight two things: how the furniture, materials, and colors fit in the house, and that the interior design matches the homeowner’s preferences. The angle and composition were controlled by this.
Hence, K-render artists opt for horizontal angles for the majority of renders instead of other pictures. It enables us to show the large space of the room.

Materials applied in Piccola Casa house

The house’s primary components are wood and glass. These are two well-known materials that are difficult to represent in all of their glory and detail.
Each piece of wood and glass appears to have been handcrafted by a K-Render artisan. There is no overlap in the wood grain since it is precisely redrawn. Clear and frosted glass are the two types of glass utilized. The appearance of frosted glass is designed to help the spectator distinguish clear glass, which is a challenging material to picture. This is true inventiveness on the part of the worker.

How K-Render artists make the design better

The house is designed with a user-friendly layout that is simple but functional. However, K-Render Studio has identified a minor architectural flaw: the house lacks a focal point.
The house’s centerpiece is the wooden wall.
K-Render Studio advised focusing more on the material rendering of the wall to create a focal point for the property. The artist is now taking care of the walls, which appeared to only require a simple rendering in the appropriate hues.
The wooden wall is the house’s focal point. This wall was precisely drawn in color, as well as the light reflected on it, by K-Render Studio. Warmth and intimacy are created by the wood-paneled walls.

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