Washed Arabica bean and things you need to know

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Washed Arabica beans which preserve the natural flavor of the Arabica beans are unable to resist in the eyes of coffee drinkers. The wet coffee processing method is essentially the key that separates washed Arabica beans from other types of coffee products.

Overview of washed Arabica beans

Washed Arabica beans are among the best types of coffee in the world.

Definition of washed Arabica beans

Washed Arabica bean is Arabica bean with the outer layers being removed before drying.

Characteristic of washed Arabica beans

Washed Arabica beans allow customers to taste the original and multiple flavors of the Arabica beans, from sweet, bitter to a bit acidic with an addictive aroma. Since the mucilage is washed off from the coffee during the manufacturing process, washed Arabica beans are ensured to maintain a “clean” and “coffee” taste that proves its finest quality.


Overview of washed Arabica beans

Process of making washed Arabica beans

The prevailing advantages of the washed coffee process are that it is cheaper to produce and able to execute on a large scale. This process includes four major steps: sorting, pulping, fermenting, and drying.


The first step involves a huge amount of water to separate unwanted impurities with ripe cherry coffee, during which damaged, seedless, or unripe coffee will float on the water’s surface, while those ripe fruits will sink. While other unwanted heavy materials will sink also, they will be sorted out later.


The following step requires a depulper which will detach the pulp and part of the mucilage from the cherries and this is when the seeds are taken out. 

It is important to execute this particular step quickly in order not to ruin the taste with the fermentation.


During this step, the remaining seeds undergo two stages: biological fermentation and oiling by machine. 

  • Biological fermentation

Washed Arabica seeds will be put into a large tank with water for 18-24 hours to remove any floated ones and left flesh. Any severe changes in terms of temperature or careless fermentation will cause the final taste of the washed Arabica beans to have a terrible flavor. The coffee beans will be inspected manually afterwards to ensure that the mucilage is fully extracted.

  • Oiling by machine

This machine will make sure that none of the mucilage is left on the seeds by rubbing coffee beans but without injuring the actual beans. The ideal resulting beans must have a no-cracked surface with friction.


Once the fermentation phase is done, the seeds will be left to dry directly under sunlight or using artificial lighting. To ensure the best flavor and quality, there are several requirements that coffee bean manufacturers usually follow: layering the beans 2 and 10cm and using a rake for regular turning to ensure a consistent drying process.

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Why washed Arabica beans is different from Arabica with other methods

Many describe washed Arabica beans as more aromatic, more acidic but feel physically lighter than the natural Arabica beans. The wet coffee process helps washed Arabica beans to sustain its original flavor, therefore not as sweet as the honey Arabica coffee beans. While each method has distinctive features and its own advantage, it is noteworthy that the consumers’ drinking habits and cultures also influence the decision of choosing the processing method.

K-Agriculture Factory – Vietnamese washed Arabica bean suppliers

With 25 years in the field of agricultural product export, K-Agriculture remains one of the pioneer factories in supplying the top-quality washed Arabica coffee with quality coffee sources and competitive prices, especially Vietnamese Arabica coffee. Some of its most famous products include Specialty Arabica Quang Tri, Arabica Lam Dong, Arabica Honey Coffee, etc.


K-Agriculture Factory

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