What is a 3D rendering? Benefits that 3D rendering brings us.

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What is a 3D Rendering? For graphic designers, 3D Rendering is not a strange term anymore. Because this is an important step for designers to bring their design products closer to everyone. If you still don’t understand what 3D renders are, and how important is 3D render, please refer to this article.

Overview of 3D rendering helps answer questions “What is a 3D rendering?”

This section will answer the question “What is 3D rendering?” and let’s learn the process and benefits of 3D rendering to clarify the question ”what is a 3D rendering?”

The definition helps you answer the questions “What is a 3D rendering?”

The definition of 3d rendering can answer the basic question “what is a 3d rendering”.3D rendering is basically the process of creating 2D images from a 3D model.

After you know about “What is a 3D rendering”, you will be curious about its process. 3D rendering process consists of 5 main stages, each stage plays a certain role: created based on a set of data that indicates the color, texture, and texture of a certain object in the image.

  • If the image has the effect of looking like the real object, it is called Photorealistic Rendering.
  • If the image has an effect that is not like a real object, but like a 2D freehand drawing or cartoon image, it will be called Non-photorealistic Rendering.

Photorealistic and Non-photorealistic in “what is a 3D render ”

And to understand more about: what is 3D rendering then 3D rendering is not like normal photos other than the images taken; everything that appears in the 3D rendering needs to be creatively generated.

Understanding about 3D rendering process will help you better answer the question “What is a 3D Rendering ”

To be able to render a beautiful 3D image, the 3D rendering process will take a long time even if the computer has good configuration and fast speed.


What is 3D rendering process

  • Idea & creative: To start rendering, you must have an idea in mind based on the client’s requirements. Only then can you start working.
  • Modeling: In this step, the product is represented by a digital model displayed in 3D, which is a mathematical expression that represents the product.
  • Texturing: In this step, the program maps the texture of the product’s existing surfaces in the 3D shape.
  • Real light reproduction: This stage involves algorithms that simulate light genres. The lighting effects are created in a 3D modeling program to enhance the illusion that the image exists in three dimensions.
  • Rendering: This is where the image is actually created. The 3D rendering program turns the model into a single high-resolution image.
  • Post Production: The work done on a 3D render after it has been completed is known as post processing. Post processing is primarily used to correct minor flaws.

Benefits of 3D rendering

The next part of the topic “what is 3D rendering” is that 3D rendering brings a lot of benefits to both the designer and the end customer.


Enormous benefits of 3D rendering

Benefits of using 3D rendering for designers:

  • The 3D render product enables the company and the investor to share a common vision and notion about how to work. We can change, fix the product through 3D rendering without spending too much.
  • When presenting product ideas we need to prepare a lot of things such as: related documents, sketches, ideas that take a lot of time, especially in interior design. However, with 3D interior rendering and 3D renderings, we can shorten the above steps. Rendering saves valuable time in presenting ideas. At the same time, it is also easy for the product manufacturing process. So that the construction workers can complete the job as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • 3D rendering can give a company a competitive edge over other companies as other companies only communicate their ideas in the traditional way such as word of mouth or hand drawing.
  • Customers can use the product at a cheaper price.

Benefits of 3D rendering for end customers:

  • With 3D rendering, clients can experience lifelike projects, even before construction begins on the real estate products they care about.
  • Customers seeing the designer’s intent can make changes to product details easier.
    access the product with a better experience
  • Thanks to 3D rendering, customers can use the product sooner due to the shorter product design time.

3D rendering has many typical applications in industries.

For those who are just starting to know 3D rendering, there will be a lot of questions like: “What is a 3D rendering”, “what is rendering in design”, “what is a 3D render”, … To better answer the above questions, we will go to learn about 3D rendering in a number of popular professions.
3D Rendering is used in many different fields to help designers create products, popular in a number of industries such as architecture, filmmaking, video, advertising, and 3D logo creation.

3D rendering in architecture

What is a 3d rendering for the architectural industry? Architectural rendering is the process of creating two – and three – dimensional images of a proposed architectural design. Architectural renderings are done by 3d visualization companies with 3D rendering softwares. The purpose is to illustrate a lifelike experience of how a space or building looks before it is built, accurately expressing the design intent.

There are three main benefits of using 3D rendering software for architectural projects:

  • Develop more precise design ideas
  • Identify problems early in the development phase to reduce costs
  • Exchange design ideas with customers and partners

3D rendering example in architecture

Nowadays, demand for 3D rendering for construction increases significantly all around the world. The architecture company sometimes overloads with too many projects, so they could choose to hire a 3D rendering studio. K-Render Studio is the best choice for you. With a team of experienced architects with many years of expertise in the field, K-Render studio can rapidly capture clients’ ideas and generate 3D drawings that reflect those concepts as accurately as possible.

3D rendering in movies, video creation, games

The next part of the topic “what is a 3d rendering ” is 3D rendering meaning in movies, video creation, games with 3d rendering, we can create people, landscapes around games, dramas or cartoons. To create ancient, modern or even futuristic images, 3D rendering is essential to the creation of sequences and animations that tell tales in the media and entertainment sectors.


What is rendering in design, movies, video creation, games

3D rendering has the potential to be life-changing for both brands and consumers. Getting better and better movies especially cartoons and video games alone can mean significantly higher levels of customer satisfaction when using 3D rendering in particular.

3D rendering in 3D logo design, advertising

Finally, 3D rendering is not too strange for 3D logo design, advertising. Let’s find out what is 3d rendering for 3D logo design, advertising?

Advertising uses 3D rendering to produce high-quality and multi-image images to promote its products to customers.


What is a 3D rendering in 3D logo design, advertising

3D rendering can depict everything from detailed product shots to immersive VR experiences, it offers endless creative opportunities for product designers. With the help of 3D rendering, you can create product images and detailed presentations of your product even before the product prototype is completed. No need to invest in prototyping and editing staging. With 3D rendering, you can promote your product to the market and create demand around your unmanufactured product..

Top 3 software of 3D Rendering that is used popular

To better answer the questions: “what is 3D rendering”, “what does 3D rendering mean”, “3D rendering meaning”, this section will learn about popular software in 3D rendering.

  • 3Ds Max

3Ds Max software is a software to design and visualize objects in 3D space. This software can design many different great products including 3D model design, animation, Aminiation….This software are used by one of the best 3D rendering studio – K-Render Studio.


3D render uses 3Ds max by K-Render Studio

  • SketchUp

SketchUp is a 3D graphic design software: Fastest, lightest and easiest to do in specialized 3D software for architects, engineers, marketers, filmmakers… Sketchup helps create a multi-dimensional model of interior and exterior in just a few minutes.

  • Blender

Blender is a professional 3D graphic design software, it is used a lot in the production of animation, film effects and creating artwork.

Advantage Disadvantage
3DS Max
  • Create many different unique shapes
  • Have an extremely huge image library. 
  • Professional video creation function.
  • Slow rendering speed. 
  • Heavy files
  • Work well without too powerful hardware like other software
  • Huge library available.
  • Simple interface, easy to use, easy to manipulate and edit
  • Need to install a plugin to draw some complicates details
  • Slow rendering speed. 
  • Free software.
  • fast working speed
  • Customizable user interface
  • Be quite difficult to use
  • Not all plugins support well Bender

Here is a comparison of the pros and cons of the 3 above software: 3DS max, SketchUp, Blender

Through the above article you can understand: “what is 3D rendering ?”
If your architecture company is having trouble expressing your idea to clients, let consider a visualization platform that offers 3D rendering features as a way. To showcase the beauty and capabilities of the product while creating a better customer experience.

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